Friday, February 22, 2013

Princess Lulu

After 3 grandsons we finally got a grand daughter - I was glad I would finally be able to quilt in pink. Well here she is Lyla Ellen known to her Nanny as Lulu


 Yes she looks sweet and she is (again not biased) - she love to talk and has been able to talk very clearly from about 12 months old. She likes bossing her brother and 5 boy cousins and we are hoping she doesn't stay the only girl on both sides of her family. A couple of weeks ago she was at Auntie Sarah's (Josh & Nates mum) and needed a fresh pair of undies. As a matter of urgency she had to borrow a pair of Nates Batman undies and yes you guessed it liked them better than her own. Her Mum has had to wash them every night and she refuses to give them back. So under the beautiful outfit she has on above is Batman underpants !!! Go Lulu - always be an individual.

This week we had a class at Beaudesert Quilters with the Sew Revolution lady and this is the result of the day

It was quite easy and of course I bought the rulers to do some more. One thing she had were the new Frixion markers - they are great and work the same way as the pens. Because they are a marker they don't drag on the fabric - now I just have to source more colors

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